The Baroque Bassoon: form, construction, acoustics, and playing qualities

I completed my PhD in 2011 at the London Metropolitan University.

If you would like to read it, to learn more about baroque bassoon designs, or just look at a lot of pictures (and graphs!) of lovely original instruments, interesting iconography, etc, you can download a pdf copy free from the British Library EThOS site HERE ​(you will need to make an account but it is entirely free).

Baroque bassoon designs: a suggested typology

For my argument for a categorisation of the designs of baroque bassoons into 2 Types and 5 subtypes, see my article

This is also discussed in my thesis but is more succcinct here, again along with many interesting bassoon-related articles (in German and English) in the recently published proceedings of the 2015 conference at Kloster Michaelstein:
Bd. 84
Geschichte, Bauweise und Repertoire des Fagotts
Bericht des 34. Musikinstrumentenbau-Symposiums 2015
Michaelstein und Augsburg, br

Designing a Reconstruction, or Reconstructing the Design. The Bassoons of Johann Poerschman

To read more about the Poerschman bassoons and my recontruction, see my article, published by Le Basson Savary.

Again entirely free, alongside many other interesting articles on historical bassoons and the reconstructing of them, in this download of the publication:
Le Basson Savary. Bericht des Symposiums »Exakte Kopie« in. Bern 2012 Herausgegeben von Sebastian Werr und Lyndon Watts unter redaktioneller Mitarbeit von Daniel Allenbach.