New in 2020!
Baroque bassoon after Thomas Stanesby (c. 1668-1734)
      In stained maple with brass fittings, 4 keys:      £ 4,350.00​​​
                      Eb key (can also be retro-fitted):     £     150.00

Baroque bassoon after J.C. Denner (1655-1707)
    In stained maple with brass fittings, 4 keys:      £ 4,350.00
                    Eb key (can also be retro-fitted):      £    150.00    

Baroque bassoon after Johann Poerschman (c. 1680-1757)
    In stained maple with brass fittings, 4 keys:     £ 4,350.00
                    Eb key (can also be retro-fitted):     £    150.00

Classical bassoon after J.F. Grundmann (1727-1800)
                In stained maple with brass fittings.
                            Bassoon with 5 keys:            £ 4,500​.00
                            Additional keys each:            £   120.00
                            Bassoon with 7 keys:            £ 4,720.00
                            Bassoon with 9 keys:            £ 4,980.00

Silver fittings, keys and crooks also available 

Crooks/Bocals: A crook is supplied with each instrument; additional crooks of various designs can be made to order – prices around £200

Cases:     The bassoons will be supplied in a polycarbonate case with sheet foam dividers
                Hard cases can be supplied at additional cost of  £250
                Semi-hard gig bags for around  £120

Postage: is not included in the above prices.

Waiting time: Please contact me for current waiting time. 

My conditions of order and sale are as follows:
1. A deposit of 10% of the total price is required to confirm an order and to get you on the waiting list. The deposit will be refundable (minus transaction charges) on the cancellation of order but only after the instrument has been sold to another customer.

2. The balance of the price will be due on or before delivery.

3. Price is fixed at time of order

4. Once you have paid for and received an instrument from me you will have 2 months to decide whether you want to keep it, during which time it can be returned for a refund of the price paid minus any postage and currency transaction charges provided that a) it is undamaged and b) it does not have any special modifications made to your order. 

To download a pdf of the price list, click the link below.